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Speakers from DWF, Natwest, Inspired to Study, Oxford university & more!

Guess what.. the podcast recently ranked 38th in the top 100 on Apple podcasts in March 2023 in the How to category! Listen here to the podcast episode about this.

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To learn more about our founder Faith-Brynel, then please visit the our founder page, her aim is to inspire students wanting to achieve their full potential, to show them that if she can do it- so can you! We hope that you'll find these tips, study skills etc useful.

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 But in all this, don't forget to stay safe. And also don't forget to just enjoy your life to the fullest, you only get to live each day once ! So don't worry just relax and don't overcomplicate things. 

 "Becoming a barrister isn't an event, it's a journey"

Remember "new beginnings often disguised as painful endings" ~ Lao Tzu.


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